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The leading system for producing monolayer cell preparations

CellSpin II

The CellSpin Cytocentrifuge – a multi talent
Advantages & Benefits

  • The first centrifuge that grows with your laboratory’s requirements
  • An affordable 4 to 12-position centrifuge
  • With the “Double Cellfunnel” you can double the number of preparations.
  • You work with the well-known monolayer filter card system
  • Acquire outstanding results routinely for thin-layer cytology

Range of applications
Suitable for cytology, urology, microbiology, hematology, immunohistochemistry, virology, oncology - for small and large volumes!
The cells are deposited on an area of 6 mm or 22 x 15 mm.
Safety features
Metal case and lid • safety catch to prevent lid from falling • lid lock emergency release* • motor overheating protection • unbalance cut-off • simple rotor­ change • automatic rotor recognition

  • Programmable up to 99 minutes
  • Up to 3 programs can be saved
  • The speed is selectable between RPM or RCF from 100 to 6,000 rpm or 100 to 18.000 rpm.
  • The acceleration can be set to fast, medium or even slow in order to protect the cells
  • The stopping times are programmable for gentle cell treatment

Alarm function indicates unbalance

CellSpin Comes in Five versions:


CellSpin I-4

CellSpin I-8

CellSpin I-12

CellSpin II-12

CellSpin II-12 R

4 positions

8 positions

12 positions

12 positions

12 positions



4 cell clips

8 cell clips

12 cell clips

12 cell clips

12 cell clips


Order No.

JC 100230/4

JC 100230/8

JC 100230/12

JC 200230/12

JC 200230/12R

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CellSpin I

Expand CellSpin’s function and capacity with the Easy Exchange Rotor System We have a huge selection of interchangeable rotors, enclosed & unenclosed.

Reusable and disposable sample chambers
CellSpin consumables and accessories to meet your needs. Disposable or reusable – your choice. Our Cell Clips & Cell Funnels are compatible with most cytocentrifuges 

JC320     Cellfunnel disposable sample chamber, 100 units          
JC304       Cellfunnel reusable chamber, 12 units

JC305       Filter cards for Cellfunnel SC304, 200 units
JC310       CytoSlide - single cycle, uncoated, 100 units
JC311       Cyto Slide - single cycle, coated, 100 units

JC306       Double Cellfunnel reusable chamber, 12 units
JC307       Filter cards for double Cellfunnel JC306, 500 units
JC321       Double Cellfunnel disposable chambers, 100/500 units
JC309       Cyto Slide - double cycle, uncoated, 100 units
JC312       Cyto Slide - double cycle, coated, 100 units

JC313    ECO funnel reusable chamber, 12 units
JC315    ECO  seal for ECO funnel, 100 units
JC322    ECO funnel disposable chamber, 100/500, units
JC314    ECO micro slide carrier, coated, 100 units


JC101   The optionally obtainable, sealed rotor handles up to 24 samples per run. It protects the operating staff when loading, using and unloading into the safety chamber. The rotor is autoclavable.


JC339      You can determine the optimal number of cells for producing preparations using the Cell check.
JC390/T CellSpin replacement cell clip
JC390/S Shandon compatible cell clip


Do you need all the benefits of automation but can't seem to fit it in your budget? Request information about special offers on demo units and factory refurbished RCM3655's

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