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Same day diagnosis is now a reality with H/I's Rapid Tissue Processors.  

H/I is committed to microwave accelerated tissue processing. The revolutionary, new Hacker MARS System delivers specimen turn around in minutes instead of hours. No matter how few or how many samples you process, the MARS system will benefit your laboratory. Save time. Save reagents. Save money.

HACKER MARS - High Throughput Vacuum Microwave Histoprocessor

Now you can enjoy the benefits of rapid tissue processing with greater efficiency and processing capacity. MARS is the state-of-the-art microwave system, manufactured by the worldwide leader in microwave laboratory instrumentation.

MARS processes up to 180 cassettes per run, or anything in between. One processing module does it all. No need to purchase separate modules for processing more or less specimens.

All operating systems are contained in one unit. Standard printers can be interfaced via conventional connectors for print outs of runs and procedures.

MARS uses fiber optic temperature control—the most advanced and accurate means of controlling temperature. This feature provides shorter cycle times by allowing a faster rate of heating. Boil-overs are eliminated.
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Available exclusively through H/I in The Americas

Microwave Tissue Processing Accessories & Modules


Cat # Description  
2660311 Safety Carrier for 110 Cassette Beaker
26584817 Rack for 110 Cassettes
26584816 Vacuum Lid for 110 Cassette Beaker
2660250 PTFE Cover for 100 Cassette Beaker
MARS100 Magnetic Stir Cross
2660259 Heating Disc for  110/180 Cassette rack
2660267 Positioning Plate for 110/180 Cassette Processing Module

Glass Container for 110 Cassettes - Vac or Non-Vac

2660269 PTFE Stand for 110 Cassette Rack
2660275 PTFE Stand for 30 Cassette Rack

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All of the above Microwave Accessories are also available for 180 cassette modules.


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