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Hacker Instruments & Industries Inc have served the laboratory community with high quality instrumentation since 1942. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible tools to increase production, improve quality, contain costs and enhance the laboratory environment.

From start to finish, H/I offers a comprehensive range of instruments that will insure the best possible preparation of your histological tissue specimens.

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CellSpin: A multi- functional system for producing  mono layer cell preparations.
Suitable for cytology, urology, microbiology, hematology, immunohistochemistry, virology, oncology - for small and large volumes! The first centrifuge that grows with your laboratory’s requirements. Features easy rotor exchange system.

Accessories, consumables and rotors  H/I now offers a full range for CellSpin and most other cytocentrifuges.

Rapid Tissue Processing: As leaders in opening the market for rapid tissue processing, we proudly introduce MARS . The microwave accelerated tissue processor that makes same day diagnosis a reality.
Microwave processing modules and accessories H/I now brings you a full like of for MARS and other Laboratory Microwave Systems

Rapid Frozen Sections: For rapid frozen sections we  bring you the Bright Cryostats from Hacker series. Dependable and user friendly, Options to suit every need. From portability to custom tailored research specifications, we have the cryostat to meet your needs. For special research needs we also offer "whole body" cryosectioning systems

Embedding Centers:The choice is yours. The HistoPro III Embedding Series lets you  choose the configurations that meets your needs.
Microtomes: The all new MR Series microtomes and more. H/I has a broad range of models to chose from. In addition to standard  rotary microtomes, we also have a range of Sliding & Sledge Microtomes with or with out freezing attachments.
Automated Staining: We have the stainer to meets your needs. From the H/I Linear Stainer, a proven work horse that deliver! high thru put, user friendly operation & low maintenance to the all new HistoPro3030 XY Stainer. Our stainers are compatible with most automated glass coverslippers.
Automated Coverslipping: 25+ years of automated glass coverslipping experience bring you the HCM6000.
Ancillaries: From paraffin dispensers to microtome knives, knife sharpeners and dissection kits. H/I carries a range of ancillary histology products. 
Lab Storage Solutions: The Lab Storage Solutions Line includes modules with bins, racks and/or drawers to organize and archive histology cassettes, paraffin blocks, embedding molds and sponges, etc., and storage units for cytology supplies including SurePath® and ThinPrep® items.
New from Hacker Industries!
- Chemical Labeling Program. A Unique Software System plus Diamond Hazard Labels for all of your laboratory chemicals

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